Stories run newest to oldest in the list below. Regardless of when published, reprints appear directly beneath the link to the original story. For stories from magazines that have closed, links will take you to PDFs of the published pieces; in a few cases, I have broken these stories into parts due to my web host's limits on file size. The stories did not appear originally in parts, however.


If any of the links below do not work, please send me a note and I will see about correcting them. Thank you.




Mountain - 50-Word Stories


Insomnia - Corvus Review


The Cook - Headway

(reprint) - Charleston Anvil (Summer 2020 Issue, print)


Summer Trip - The Drabble


To Escape the Cold - Writers and Readers' Magazine (April 2020 Issue, print & Kindle)


Moving Day - Door Is a Jar (Spring 2020 Issue, print & Kindle)


The New Boy - Triangle Writers Magazine (March 2020 Issue, print & Kindle)


Conjuring: A History - Hypnopomp


The Ring-Rope - Phenomenal Literature


From the Elements - Blue Pages Journal


Last Scraps - Edify Fiction


The Brown Rabbit - Arkansan Review


The Keepsake Box - Anti-Heroin Chic


The Junk Man - Flash Fiction Magazine


Song - Ariel Chart


The Two Potters - The Writing Disorder


Our House - Corvus Review


Gift for Yvette - Central American Literary Review


Horse and Garden - Adelaide


Plant - Thin Air (Spring 2019 Issue, print)


The River Trip - CommuterLit


Mark on a White Stone - Blood & Bourbon (print & e-book)


Night Fishing - The Sea Letter


Brother's Keeper: Part 1, Part 2 - Foliate Oak


A Son in His Father's Forest - Ecozon@


Joan Carlyle's New Neighbor - Jumbelbook (.epub file)


Emily's Paper - CommuterLit


Two Secrets - Ginosko Literary Journal


Pair of Doors - Literary Yard


Writing on the Page - Ariel Chart


Online Chat - Soft Cartel


Gull, Beach, Sun, Ocean - NatureWriting


Juggler in the Plaza - Furtive Dalliance (print only)


A Provocation Game - Yellow Mama


The Sea Cliff - Howl


Morning Run (original version) - FIVE:2:ONE's #thesideshow

(reprint with revisions) - Antarctica Journal


Sand in a Cup - Gravel


Crawl - Thrice Fiction


The Wandering Man - The Wagon Magazine


The Divorce: Parts 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Editor's Note - Rumblefish Press


Alone in Hell's Kitchen - STORGY


For Mother's Wedding - Westview


The Long Lake - Peacock Journal


The Dancer (original version) - Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts

(reprint with revisions) - CafeLit


Disagreement over a Novel - Down in the Dirt


Thrush - No Extra Words (podcast)

(reprint with revisions) - Inkling


Friends' Night Out- Foliate Oak (story appears midway down page)


The Fight - New Pop Lit


Tired Evening (original version) - Corvus Review;

(reprint with revisions) - Wilderness House Literary Review


Worried Father-To-Be - Adelaide


The Piano and the Violin - Ekphrastic


To Aid Your Son on a Date - Scarlet Leaf Review


The Bloom - Ekphrastic


The Island Interior (original version) - Scarlet Leaf Review;

(reprint with revisions) - Scarlet Leaf Review


Fate and Freedom (original version) - Darkrun Review;

(reprint with revisions) - Communicators League


The Dream - Squawk Back