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The New Boy - Triangle Writers Magazine (print)


The Ring-Rope - Phenomenal Literature


From the Elements - Blue Pages Journal


Last Scraps - Edify Fiction


The Brown Rabbit - Arkansan Review


The Keepsake Box - Anti-Heroin Chic


The Junk Man - Flash Fiction Magazine


Song - Ariel Chart


The Two Potters - The Writing Disorder


Our House - Corvus Review


Gift for Yvette - Central American Literary Review


Horse and Garden - Adelaide


Plant - Thin Air (Spring 2019 Issue, print)


The River Trip - CommuterLit


Mark on a White Stone - Blood & Bourbon (print & e-book)


Night Fishing - The Sea Letter


Brother's Keeper - Foliate Oak


A Son in His Father's Forest - Ecozon@


Joan Carlyle's New Neighbor - Jumbelbook (.epub file)


Emily's Paper - CommuterLit


Two Secrets - Ginosko Literary Journal


Pair of Doors - Literary Yard


Writing on the Page - Ariel Chart


Online Chat - Soft Cartel


Gull, Beach, Sun, Ocean - NatureWriting


Juggler in the Plaza - Furtive Dalliance (print only)


A Provocation Game - Yellow Mama


The Sea Cliff - Howl


Morning Run (original version) - FIVE:2:ONE's #thesideshow

(reprint with revisions) - Antarctica Journal


Sand in a Cup - Gravel


Crawl - Thrice Fiction


The Wandering Man - The Wagon Magazine


The Divorce - Rumblefish Press


Alone in Hell's Kitchen - STORGY


For Mother's Wedding - Westview


The Long Lake - Peacock Journal


The Dancer (original version) - Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts

(reprint with revisions) - CafeLit


Disagreement over a Novel - Down in the Dirt


Thrush - No Extra Words (podcast)


Friends' Night Out - Foliate Oak


The Fight - New Pop Lit


Tired Evening (original version) - Corvus Review;

(reprint with revisions) - Wilderness House Literary Review


Worried Father-To-Be - Adelaide


The Piano and the Violin - Ekphrastic


To Aid Your Son on a Date - Scarlet Leaf Review


The Bloom - Ekphrastic


The Island Interior (original version) - Scarlet Leaf Review;

(reprint with revisions) - Scarlet Leaf Review


Fate and Freedom (original version) - Darkrun Review;

(reprint with revisions) - Communicators League


The Dream - Squawk Back